He had insatiable ambition and sacrificed countless lives and large amounts of money in his pursuit of power and success. Ultimately, his pride led to his undoing. In this episode, Richard and Sam discuss the life and leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte.

He ascended to the throne at age 17 and became a powerful monarch who is most (in)famous for having six wives and naming himself the head of the Church of England. He also had a penchant for beheading those who displeased him. In this episode, Richard and Sam discuss the life and leadership of King Henry VIII.

Taking on a new leadership role is challenging, especially when entering a messy situation. Maybe the previous leader was ineffective. Perhaps the organization is routinely underperforming.  Or maybe things are just not what they could be. Whatever the problem, one thing is clear: something needs to change. In this episode, Richard and Sam offer some guiding principles for leaders who need to turn things around.

While an inheritance consists of things (houses, land, money, possessions) we leave for loved ones, a legacy is what we instill in them.

In this episode Richard talks with retired Army Colonel Paul Linzey about his life as a military chaplain and his new book, ‘Safest Place in Iraq.’

An inheritance consists of the physical possessions we leave for our descendants, but a legacy is what we invest in them. In this episode, Richard and Sam talk to Rick Fisher about his new book, “From Generation to Generation: Building a Godly Legacy.” Rick is the vice president of Blackaby Ministries International. The importance of building a godly legacy for his two daughters and five grandchildren is a driving force in his life.

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